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Dissertation director

»Juan Bueno Holle: Information structure in Isthmus Zapotec (Linguistics, in progress)

»Erin Franklin: A Multimodal Account of Turn-Taking Strategies in Contemporary Standard Russian (Slavic Linguistics, in progress)

»Christian Hilchey: Compositional, Inferential, and Constructional Meaning: An Analysis of Czech Prefix Semantics (Slavic Linguistics, PhD 2014)

»Petia Alexieva: Second Language Acquisition of Reflexive Verbs in Russian by L1 Speakers of English (Slavic Linguistics, PhD 2013)

»Erik Houle: Pre-posed Adnominal Genitives in Russian and Polish (Slavic Linguistics, PhD 2013)

»Junghee Min: Analysis of the –sja passive of Russian verbs of governing and wanting as a conceptual integration (Slavic Linguistics, PhD 2010)

Dissertation committee

»Tamara Vardomskaya: Subjectivity and shared evidence (Linguistics, in progress)

»Young Bok Kim: Hebrew forms of address (Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, in progress)

»Christina Weaver: Emphasis in Turoyu (Linguistics, in progress)

»Christine Corcoran: A study of linguistic categoriality with reference to Sherbro (Bullom) noun classes (Linguistics, in progress)

»Martina Martinović: a in Wolof: Nonverbal predication and the syntax of information structure (PhD 2015)

»Rebekah Baglini: States in the semantic ontology (Linguistics, PhD 2015)

»Samuel Boyd: Contact Linguistics and Textual Reuse in the Hebrew Bible: A Socio-Linguistic Approach to the Comparative Method in Biblical Studies (Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, PhD 2014)

»Dana Akanova: Ethical dative constructions in Russian and Macedonian (Slavic Linguistics, PhD 2013)

»Aaron Butts: Language Change in the Wake of Empire: Syriac in its Greco-Roman Context (Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, PhD 2013)

»Andrew Dombrowski: Phonological Aspects of Language Contact along the Slavic Periphery (Slavic and Linguistics, PhD 2013)

»Kinga Kosmala: Kapuściński – Reportage and Ethics (Polish Literature, PhD 2011)

»Christopher Straughn: Evidentiality in Kazakh and Uzbek (Linguistics, PhD 2011)

»Andeljka Bulatović: Modality, futurity and temporal dependency: The semantics of the Serbian perfective nonpast and future 2 (Slavic and Linguistics, PhD 2008)

»Simone S. Whitecloud, (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Dartmouth College, in progress)

»Nancy Heingartner: The effect of age upon non-indefinite TO-use: A study of the spoken Russian of Moscow women (Brown University, Slavic Linguistics, PhD 1996)

PhD external examiner

»Gregory Dickson:  Marra and Kriol: the loss and maintenance of knowledge across a language shift boundary (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia: PhD 2015)

»Awanui Te Huia: Whāiate Iti Kahurangi, Ki Te Tuohu Koe Me He Maunga Teitei: Establishing Psychological Foundations for Higher Levels of Māori Language Proficiency  (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; PhD 2014)

» Josephine Caffery: Linguistics training in indigenous adult education and its effects on endangered languages (Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory, Australia, PhD 2008)

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