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Theatre: Θέατρο<θεώμαι=to see, θέα, θέαση=view

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The art of theatre has been  invented by the ancient Greeks in the area of Athens in the fifth century A.D.  Greeks still love theatre and they frequent the innumerous theatrical scenes created mostly in big cities such as Athens and Thesaloniki. But every summer in all the places of Greece, in small villages, in all the islands you will certainly meet a festival with many theatrical performances given in plein air under the stars.

Here are some links to Greek theatrical performances:

1. Sophocles’ Antigone in a modern version in the ancient theatre of Epidaurus:


2. Sophocles’ King Oedipus in English, with Christofer Plummer as King Oedipus:


3. Aristophanes’  The birds (Ornithes) a historical performance by  The theatre of Art founded on 1936 in Athens  by Karolos Koun:


4. Aristophanes’ Lysistrate:


5. Aristophanes’ Women in the parliament (ekklesiazouses):


6. The small prince (Le petit prince):

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