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History: a Greek word meaning knowledge: Ιστορία, Ίστωρ=ο γνώστης

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Here are some links for everyone who wants to learn about some historical events that influenced the creation of Modern Greek State.

  1. In this link you can watch a documentary of Maria Hliou about the catastrophe of Smyrna, a cosmopolitan city in Asia Minor with many Greek inhabitants in 1922, after the end of First World War:


  1. In the following links, the director Vassilis Loules creates a documentary concerning the jews in Greece. The name of it is “Kisses to the children”.

Five Greek-Jewish children who were saved by Christian families during the German Occupation, five “Hidden Children” who lived in total silence, tell their stories. Stories of terror, anguish and confusion but also stories of salvation and carefree childhood into the arms of strangers. Secret Gardens of Eden, nests of love away from the horror of the Holocaust. Five children were forced to mature abruptly. Rosina, Iossif, Eftyhia, Shelly and Marios grew old, carrying the memory of those children who were never given time to grow up. The movie focuses on these persons, revealing secret aspects of their lives and invaluable personal documents. It also depicts the life of the Greek Jewish Communities before the War, complemented with rare images of Occupied Greece from archival material, as well as amateur films by German soldiers and illegal footage shot by Greek patriots.


  1. The massacre from the Nazis in Distomo, 1943:


  1. The massacre from Nazis in Kalavryta, 1943:


  1. The dictatorship in Greece 1967-1974:


  1. The uprising of the students in Athens in the place of Technological Institute against the dictatorship:


  1. Cyprus: The invasion of Turks in Cyprus on 1974:

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