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This blog was created and supported by Dr Chrysanthi Koutsiviti from Spring 2015 until Spring 2018.

It has the ambition to open a window to Greece of our times.

Greece is a modern European country which developed fast in sciences and art. Compared to the small number of its inhabitants Greece has a large number of succeeded scientists and artists as well.

Moreover thought and ideas are served by the large amount of books published every year and by many personalities that write their ideas in newspapers, periodicals and on line portals. These articles as well as politics Greeks love to discuss in the innumerous petit cafes which you may find in every corner in the big cities.

Thus, in this blog we try to present some of the cultural life of modern Greece. Poetry, which is cultivated uninterruptedly for 4000 years and gave two Nobel prizes to this small country is still the favorite kind of literature for Greeks.

Theatre is also a growing art with its past starting from the antiquity. In Greece we hospitalize theatre artists from all over Europe. All modern streams, all modern theatrical plays are found in the Greek theatrical scenes. Of course we insist on playing ancient Greek tragedies and comedies every year. Those performances are given in the ancient Greek or Roman theatres all over Greece under the summer sky and it is an adventure for mind and senses that everyone has to experience in his life.

Films are also in abundance in Greece. We have a long tradition of notable film makers many of who have been awarded with  international prizes. The last ten years emerged a new generation of film makers whose films make a strong critic on the Modern Greek society and every society as well.

Music has also its meritorious representatives and all kind of music is found in modern Greece. Many artists from Europe and America are invited in our small country and many Greeks have the opportunity of getting along with notable artists from other countries.

We found useful to give some links of Modern Greek history as well.

In the end we have collected some electronic resources with emphasis in mass media, newspapers, TV, radio.

We hope you will enjoy browsing this blog!

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