News from the Library

Mansueto Completion

As most of you know, Mansueto Library has been completed and many thousands of print volumes have already been loaded into the underground compact storage bins.  At this point, three categories of material are being moved; 1) older bound journal issues, 2) print UC dissertations, and 3) elephant folios, which will include our oversized scores currently shelved in Regenstein.

Scope of Score and Recordings Collection

Continued stress has been placed on the acquisition of contemporary scores and sound recordings.  Also Latin American and Caribbean materials maintain their previous purchasing focus, along with an added emphasis in the areas of Gospel music, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, and World Pop.  Once again, I very much welcome both general and specific suggestions from faculty and students for books, scores and sound recordings that should be added to the collection or are required for research.  Just email me at

Electronic Books

The publication of scholarly-level online electronic books continues to increase at a rapid rate.  Most ebooks in our library can be viewed through the reader programs of “Ebrary” or “NetLibrary, which uses the EBSCO interface.”  Electronic books, especially reference works such as indexes, bibliographies, dictionaries, etc., offer great advantages in text searching for specific words or phrases.  Monographs that focus on specific aspects of music research, however, will continue to be acquired in print, as it is likely that readers may wish to read large portions or the entirety of these books; printing out the full monograph or reading large sections of text on a computer screen is simply not tenable at this point.

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