Kallembach, James

This year we marked our fourth Motet Choir tour by singing all around Chicago in December, which was very snowy, but cheery. We also named the first four Choral Scholars at Rockefeller Chapel, a program Dean Davenport and myself have started to give undergraduates scholarship assistance to sing in Chapel Choir. My two-part article on the work of Swedish composer Sven-David Sandström appeared in the October and November issues of Choral Journal. Other highlights of the year include: 1)  a fantastic rendition of the 1749 version of Bach’s St. John Passion (which was accompanied by a class for undergraduates introducing basic concepts in Bach studies) 2) the world premiere of James MacMillan’s Alpha and Omega by Motet Choir and Chapel choir with the composer in attendance (the piece is being performed in several cities after our premiere, so it is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the world of new art) and 3) the premiere of my own 50 minute song cycle on poems of Anne Bradstreet for cello and soprano (which premiered in Montana, the Twin Cities, Chicago, and Boston). However, Luiza and I both agree that the absolute highlight of this very busy year was the birth of our son, Otto Eugene Kallembach, on June 15.

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