Degrees Conferred, 2010-11

Rumya Putcha, “Revisiting the Classical: A Critical History of Kuchipudi Dance,” defended September 1, 2011

Mark Yeary, “Virtual Pitch and the Perception of Harmony,” defended August 2, 2011

Luis-Manuel Garcia, “Can You Feel It, Too?”: Intimacy and Affect at Electronic Dance Music Events in Paris, Chicago, and Berlin,” defended July 19, 2011

Gary DeSorbo, “Disclosure,” defended May 20, 2011

Steve Winfield, “Distant Glimmerings,” defended May 11, 2011

Eun Young Lee, “sori,” defended May 11, 2011

April Mok, “Better Angels,” defended May 10, 2011

Karen Woodworth, “Music in the Court of Mary Stewart, 1561-1567,” defended May 6, 2011

Chen Yao, “Paramita,” defended May 3, 2011

Jim Sykes, The Modern Transformation of the Musical Gift: Sound, Buddhism and the Politics of Belonging in Sri Lanka,” defended March 4, 2011

Feng Shu Lee, “Ending the Ring,” defended January 6, 2011

Doug Ipson, Giuriama per la Patria’: The Operatic Oath Scene in Revolutionary Rome, 1846–1849, defended January 5, 2011

Peter Spragins, “The London Keyboard Sonatas of J.C. Bach: Galant Music Aesthetics, Elite Culture, and Analogies to the Mid-Century British Novel,” defended November 8, 2010

Peter Kupfer, Music, Ideology, and Entertainment in the Soviet Musical Comedies of Grigory Aleksandrov and Isaak Dunaevsky,” defended November 2, 2010

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