Christensen, Thomas

My big adventure for 2011-12 will take place in Berlin Germany, where I and my family will spend my sabbatical year as a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg.

I’m looking forward to a respite from my administrative work as Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division to work on a monograph on the historiography of tonality.  (More to the point, I’m interested in how many 19th-century theorists and critics debated the origins of tonality in various styles or historical periods.  We have made so much about the supposed “death” of tonality at the beginning of the 20th century that I thought it time for us to reconsider the many nativity stories told of its birth.)    During my year in Germany, I’ll be giving a number of lectures around Europe.  Perhaps the most interesting will take place in Beijing in November of 2011, where a conference will be held at our new “Chicago Center” in Bejing to celebrate the Chinese translation of my Cambridge History of Western Music Theory.

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