Hoeckner, Berthold

Berthold Hoeckner.  A highlight last year was the Mannes Institute on Musical Aesthetics at the University of Chicago (co-directed with Alex Rehding from Harvard University).  For an intense and rigorous four days of workshops and plenary sessions, the Institute brought together 45 national and international scholars from North America to Hong Kong.  Workshops covered such diverse topics as “Musical Aesthetics and the Body” (Susan McClary), “Literary Models and Music” (Fred Maus), or the “Aesthetics of Analysis” (which Berthold co-taught with Steve Rings). Other activities include a year-long course (co-taught with Howard Nusbaum) on the “Perception and Understanding of Multimedia” at the Center for Disciplinary Innovation (CDI), ongoing research in the psychology of music and multimedia ranging from pitch categorization by subjects with absolute absolute pitch to the interaction of words, images, and music in analog acoustic expression (AAE) studies; editing a film issue for Nineteenth-Century Music (to appear in Spring 2011 issue); and continuing work on a book on film music and memory.

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