Christensen, Thomas

Thomas is continuing his service as Associate Dean and Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division, regretting the time it is taking from his teaching and research, but grateful for the opportunity to serve the Humanities Division and the College. He was deeply humbled to be appointed this past year as the Avalon Foundation Chair in Music and the Humanities by President Zimmer.

Scholarly highlights over the past year include a keynote address at the inaugural meeting of the Korean Musicology Society in Seoul in September of 2010 as well as several lectures at a number of domestic Universities. For 2009-10, Thomas also enjoyed his appointment as a Research Fellow at the Newberry Library where he has begun a newly-planned monograph on “tonality” and its complex resonance in 19th-century French discourse on music. A preliminary chapter of the work was read as a paper at the annual AMS conference in the Fall of 2009. He plans to continue work on this project next winter when he will be teaching at the University of Chicago Paris Center and hosting an international conference on the subject of 19th-century tonalité. On the domestic front, Thomas was thrilled and honored to return to the concert stage by accompanying his son, Edward (now 7) for his first violin recital.

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