Library expands facilties and collections

Glass dome of the Mansuetto Library

Just west of Regenstein, construction on Mansueto Library is currently centered on assembly of the glass dome.  All portions of the dome, including the steel and aluminum frame pieces and the glass segments, have been built by Seele GmbH in Gersthofen, Germany and are gradually being shipped to Chicago over the next several weeks.  The large passageway connecting Mansueto with Regenstein is also under construction, which has caused some changes in the arrangement of the Special Collections Research Center.  Completion of Mansueto is planned for Spring of 2011 and the new structure will ultimately house 3.5 million volumes.

Based on comments received from music faculty and students, a greater stress will be placed on increasing the library’s score and sound recordings holdings of 20th and 21st century works.  Also, as the Music Department’s Ethnomusicology Program continues to expand, increased emphasis will be placed on obtaining books and recordings to support new areas of interest, such as Latin America and the Caribbean.  To assist in these endeavors, faculty and students should always feel free to email specific requests for books, scores and sound recordings to Scott Landvatter at

The publication of scholarly-level electronic books, often referred to as “ebooks,” has increased dramatically over the last year.  In the area of music, many new monographs are now being released both as print issues and as online full-text files.  Though an online book offers the significant advantage of full-text searching for particular words or phrases, there remain numerous books from which a reader may wish to study large sections or even read cover-to-cover.  For such books, reading online, downloading or printing is simply not feasible.  At present, therefore, new music monographs that will be purchased as online files will largely be reference works, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, etc.  If music faculty or students would like to offer input on ebook purchases for the library’s music collection, please contact Scott Landvatter at  Comments on this advancing publication phenomenon will be most welcome.

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