Martell, Paul

The Music Department mourns the loss of former music history student Paul Martell, who passed away in Halifax, Canada on August 7 at the age of 49.

Paul was a lutenist with interests in the Renaissance. He grew up in Dartmouth, where he attended Prince Andrew High School. Afterwards he pursued studies at Mount Allison University, the University of Calgary and then Chicago. At Chicago, Paul was research assistant to Howard Mayer Brown but passed his orals in sixteenth-century Italian studies under Martha Feldman after Howard’s death. He is remembered by classmates as a very intelligent and extremely kind person.

In the last decade Paul was a part-time academic in the Dalhousie Music Department in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he taught classes in music history, theory, and lute. He was also a part of the print music department at Musicstop (Long & McQuade).

Paul was buried in Noah Cemetery, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is survived by his daughter Emma Martell of Evanston, IL, his sister Mary Ann Martell, his brother Sandy Martell, his niece Rosalynn, and his special friend Yvonne Harpell.

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