Degrees Conferred 2008-09

Six students earned their doctoral degrees this year:

Nathan Bakkum, “Don’t Push, Don’t Pull: Jazz Rhythm Section Interaction and Musical Change,” defended July 16, 2009

Miguel Ramirez, “Analytic Approaches to the Music of Anton Bruckner: Chromatic Third-Relations in Selected Late Compositions,” defended May 6, 2009

Aileen Dillane, “Sound Tracts, Songlines, and Soft Repertoires: Irish Music Performance and the City of Chicago,” defended May 12, 2009

David Hunter, “Timeports for Didjeridoo and Electronics,” defended February 18, 2009

Jane Jaffe, “Eduard Marxsen and Johannes Brahms,” defended November 24, 2008

Jacqueline Jones, “Performing the Sacred: Song, Genre, and Aesthetics in Bhakti,” defended November 20, 2008

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