Kupfer, Peter

Having returned at the end of November from the second of two three-month dissertation research trips to Russia, Peter Kupfer turned to writing, taking a break in the Spring quarter to teach two courses: Music 122 (Music in Western Civilization II) and his Tave Teaching Fellowship course, Music and Society in Russian and Soviet Cinema.  Between March and May Peter also presented papers on his dissertation topic – Soviet musical comedies of the 1930s – at a variety of conferences: the McGill Music Graduate Symposium, MGMC, Slavic Forum at the University of Chicago, and a conference at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris entitled “Dictatorship and State Music.”  In November, he will present a paper on his dissertation work at AMS in Philadelphia. Peter was also honored to have been one of the recipients of the Ellis Bonoff Kohs Award for Orchestral Excellence this year.  In the summer Peter will teach at a chamber music camp, continue writing his dissertation, and, most exciting of all, get married in early September.

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