The following is a partial list of graduate students in the Department of Music, including their specific programs and academic interests.

George Adams (

Music History/Theory. Interests: Post-WWII American concert music generally, but especially the aesthetics and ethics of John Cage and the ensemble works of Steve Reich from the 70s and 80s; the intersections and analysis of speech, language, and music..

Iddo Aharony (

Composition. Interests: contemporary and electroacoustic music, multimedia art, music for theater, dance and film, interactions between music and literary text, and most things that make sounds.

Michael Allemana (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Jazz, social relations in music communities, audience/musician connections, music and performance in the African diaspora, political economy, language. Jazz guitarist.

Shawn Allison (

Composition. Interests: 20th-century music in general, particularly Messiaen and Crumb. Also a saxophonist. Website:

Adrienne Alton-Gust (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: electronic tango, genre in popular music, pop culture, queer entertainment, music in fitness contexts; identity construction, embodiment, gender & sexuality.

Patricia Arzaga [Firca] (

Musicology. Interests: 17th-century music, early modern noble identity, social virtues, comparison between the Austrian Habsburgs and the French Bourbons, and cultural exchange between Italian and Austrian cities (Lucca, Venice, Innsbruck, Vienna). Dissertation title: La virtù fatta canora: Staging Early Modern Values at the Court of Leopold I (1658-1705).

Ieda Bispo (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Music and Pentecostalism, production and consumption of contemporary Christian music (gospel) in Brazil; musical traditions in Sao Paulo; Brazilian guitar; Brazilian popular music.

William D. Buckingham (


Chelsea Burns (

Music Theory and History. Interests: approaches to interwar Latin American art music; politics in music theory; music theory pedagogy; canon formation and musical meaning.

Nadia Chana (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: voice (both audible and metaphoric), First Nations studies, music and the environment, gender and sexuality, embodiment, alternative epistemologies/practice-based ways of knowing, ethical listening practices, posthumanism, applied and medical ethnomusicology, experimental ethnography, and American kirtan. Nadia is co-founder of the Bicycle Opera Project, voice teacher, and certified yoga instructor.

Dawn De Rycke (

Musicology. Interests: 15th/16th century sacred music, Spain. Ceremony and civic identity, Seville. Motets, hymns; local devotion. Francisco Guerrero. Local identity and cultural commerce.

Genevieve Dempsey (

Ethnomusicology.  Interests: researching rock nacional and rock chabón in Buenos Aires, exploring the encounters between popular music of Brazil and Portugal—particularly choro from Rio de Janeiro and fado from Lisboa—and studying the interconnectivity of music with political economy, gender, subaltern identities, and transnationalism.

Lauren Eldridge (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Musics of the African Diaspora, Haiti, performance politics of art music, international aid and intervention, memory.

Will Faber (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Jazz, improvisation, experimentalism, dub, dancehall, and noise.  Urban soundscapes, critical geography, cultural policy and institutions, race, migration, and technology.

Cesar Favila (

Music History and Theory. Interests: Early modern European and New World sacred music; the pipe organ, and it's repertoire and performance practice; Hector Berlioz

Abigail Fine (

Music History and Theory. Interests: popular reception of composers and their music in the nineteenth century, historiography, canon formation, material studies, museology, tourism, consumer culture.

Patrick Fitzgibbon (

Music History and Theory. Interests: history of theory, especially in early modern France and Germany; aesthetics, hermeneutics, semiotics; discourse analysis; sociology of culture.

Ted Gordon (

Music History. Interests: avant-garde movements, experimentation, improvisation, autonomy, failure; technology, electronics, and extended technique; contemporary composition, "Downtown" Music/Jazz, noise/art rock, fluxus, popular/unpopular music.

Pierce Gradone (

Julianne Grasso (

Music History/Theory. Interests: video games, perception and cognition, time and attention, the internet, popular music, and most everything else.

Tomàs I. Gueglio-Saccone (

Composition. Music at: .

Dana Hall (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Black music and popular culture, Sub-Saharan Africa and musics of the African Diaspora, improvisation, and cultural criticism. Theoretical interests include issues of sentiment, ethnicity and identity, post-colonialism, protest, and struggle.

Elizabeth Hopkins (

Music history and theory. Interests: History of science, audiovisual media and mass culture, SciFi, cybernetics, the digital humanities

Zhuqing (Lester) Hu (

Music History. Interests: Medieval and Renaissance music and music theory; music and postcolonial studies; Orientalism and self-Orientalism; popular musics, ethnic histories, and cultural politics in China; music in classical Chinese literature and scholarship; music and psychoanalysis.

Sarah Iker (

Music Theory. Dissertation topic: "Analyzing the familiar and strange in listener accounts of Stravinsky's neoclassicism." Other research interests: perception and cognition (particularly, cognition within ensemble performance), theories of musical expectation, mathematical music theories, intertextuality, piano performance, dance

Donald James (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Music and cultural politics, jazz and popular music in the Francophone world, mediation and ontologies of performance, geography, scenes and subcultures.

Patrick Kaufman (

Rehanna Kheshgi (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Assam, Northeast India, Hindustani music research and performance, “folk” vs. “classical”, identity politics, neo-Vaishnavism, audio archiving and preservation, intellectual property rights, linguistic anthropology.

Michael LaCroix (

Composition. Interests: Contemporary concert music, multimedia, jazz. Website:

John Y. Lawrence (

Music Theory and History. Interests: 18th- and 19th-century orchestral music, "popular" music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Broadway musicals, operetta, Formenlehre, hermeneutics

JB Lee (

Composition. Interests: basketball, ping pong

Jae-Goo Lee (

Composition. Interests: Klangfarbenkomposition, Neo-romanticismic composition, Composition based on Korean traditional materials, Analysis on the 20th-century music, Social meaning of music, History of music theory.

Woo Chan (Chaz) Lee (

History and Theory. Interests: Soundtracks and utopia; classical music and global melancholy; the romantic piano.

Mili Leitner (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Israel/Palestine, conflict, race, identity, music as torture, sonic studies, hip hop, urban soundscapes.

Ching Ching Cecilia Lo (

Music History and Theory. Interests: 16th and 17th century music, temporality and music.

Zachary Loeffler (

Music History and Theory. Interests: Musical magic in modernity; ethics, politics, and aesthetics of smallness; potentiality; performance rituals.

Anabel Maler (

Music Theory. Interests: Music since the mid-twentieth century, the music of Arvo Pärt, music and gesture, disability studies, sign language and music, Deaf studies, feminist methods in music theory.

Joseph Maurer (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: America, nationalism, immigration and assimilation, race, music education and cultural politics/history, social justice, voice, gender and sexuality, postcolonialism, public policy

Meredith Aska McBride (

Ethnomusicology. Current projects: "City with lifted head singing: the practice and politics of music education in Chicago" (dissertation); "Jewish Sound at the Urban Periphery" (on music and suburbanization in mid-20th century Jewish Philadelphia); "Roll Out the Recall: Contentious Musical Performances in Wisconsin Labor Politics"; upcoming fieldwork on parading repertories and politics in Northern Ireland
Interests: Music education, cultural policy, music and politics, urban ethnomusicology and urban studies; American music, music of the Midwest, Jewish music, Irish music.

Kevin McKenna (

Music Theory and History. Interests: Perception and cognition; aesthetics and philosophy of music; history of theory; origins and development of opera.

Meredith Moretz (

Music History and Theory. Interests: 19th and 20th-century music (especially Schubert, Schumann, and Krenek); opera, film music, analysis, piano performance.

Valerie Nicholson (

Music Theory, jazz pianist. Faculty member, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights.

Ameera Nimjee (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: North India, music and dance, South Asian visual cultures (specifically photography and film), diasporic traditions, art history, visual anthropology, museology

Jessica Peritz (

History and Theory. Interests: Italian opera, especially in 18th century England; opera, domestic music-making, and femininity in the British novel; castrati; historical performance practice and vocal pedagogy; gender and sexuality; cultural studies and new historicism; literature of the Italian and English renaissance(s); representation and self-fashioning in early modern Europe.

Marcelle Pierson (

Music History and Theory. Interests: Post-war to present day modernists (Lachenmann, Sciarrino, Xenakis, Saariaho, etc.), voice, sound and noise, timbre and texture.

Katherine Pukinskis (

Area: composition
Interests: the intersection of Latvian cultural and national identity, choral/vocal music, movement/gesture, extensive pre-compositional work, baking, distance running, stacked fifths, and describing my music as "humanist."

Melissa Reilly (

Musicology. Interests: Renaissance, aesthetics, performance studies, transitions.

Tommaso Sabbatini (

Music History. Interests: nineteenth-century to early twentieth-century French, Italian, and British opera; French opera outside France; French opera outside opera (literary and dramatic hypotexts, exchanges with other theatrical genres, adaptations for other media).

Ana Sánchez-Rojo (

Music history and theory. Interests: music of the Spanish empire, music and religion, aesthetics, historiography, Mexican rock.

Anna-Lise Pasch Santella (

Ethnomusicology and Musicology. Interests: Music in the United States, women’s orchestras, film music, gender studies, music and politics, cultural policy, Irish traditional music in the U.S., Les Six, choral music.

August Sheehy (

Music History and Theory. Interests: history of theory and analysis, criticism, history of science and technology, subjectivity, hermeneutics, noise.

Braxton D. Shelley (

Theory. Interests: Analysis of Popular Music, especially African American Gospel Music; The relationship between African American Preaching and Musical Traditions; Repetition; Music and Rhetoric; Form.

Peter Shultz (

Music Theory. Interests: music in video games, embodied perception, post-tonal theory, mathematics in music theory, musical informatics and computation.

Maxwell Silva (

Music Theory. Interests: late 20th/21st century avant gardes; relationships between composer's and listener's perspectives; form; polyrhythm and rhythmic perception; timbre; phenomenological approaches, aesthetics, and philosophy

Bradley Spiers (

Music History and Theory. Interests: Film Sound, Mass Media Studies, Music and Film Aesthetics, Sound Studies, Music Economics, Music and Technology, Jazz History, Opera in the 19th and 20th Century.

Erin Stapleton-Corcoran (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Ireland, Europe, American folk and vernacular music, transnationalism, music and diaspora, music and poetry, festivalization, applied ethnomusicology.

Thalea Stokes (


Takuma Taniwaka (

Composition. Interests: Theory, Elliott Carter’s compositional process, computer music, guitar. Website:

Phil Taylor (

Composition. Current interests include Eastern European music, Russian literature, the poetry and short stories of Raymond Carver, discourse of motives within a piece, and musical structure. Current favorite composers include Bartók, Messiaen, Szymanowski, Janácek, Scriabin, Ligeti, Rautavaara, Lutoslawski and Shostakovich.

Website: "".

Miriam Tripaldi  (

Music History and Theory. Interests: 18th- and 19th-century Italian and French opera; compositional process, sketch studies, musical analysis; the reception of Italian music in Russia; Russian music and culture; the relationship between composers and publishers (in particular, Verdi and Giulio Ricordi).

Laura Turner (Shearing) (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: Southern Appalachian 'old time' music and questions of authenticity; 1960s popular music culture; All things Beatles.

Michelle Urberg (

Music History. Interests: Medieval music theory, medieval women in music, paleography; film music.

Mari Jo Velasco (

Music History and Theory. Interests: Globalization of opera; opera in Latin America; cultural transfer; opera and fantasy/ magical realism; music and literature; post-colonial studies.

wangDan Wang (

Interests: Music of the 19th to 21st century. Aesthetics of film and opera. Music and literature, melodrama, criticism, philosophy.

Maria Welch (

Ethnomusicology. Interests: interstices of religion and culture in Afro-Brazilian Candomble, as well as indigenous shamanic traditions in the Andean highlands.

Lillian Wohl (

Musical migrations and globalization theory.  Identity, Diaspora, postcolonial studies.  Jewish/Latin American musics.

Lindsay Wright (

Musicology and Ethnomusicology. Interests: Improvisation, African-American music, performance practice and recorded music, music education, historiography, disciplinary history.

Melanie Zeck (

Music History and Theory. Interests: American art music prior to WWI; black music historiography; speech surrogacy; the life and music of J.N. Hummel.