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Online Multitasking and Tween Social Development

This week, a study conducted by Stanford University published results indicating that “tweenage” (8-12 year-old) girls who spend considerable time electronically multitasking (IMing, watching Youtube videos, posting on Facebook or MySpace) disproportionately suffer impediments to their social and emotional development. … Continue reading

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Labor, Digital Media, and Sexuality in the Work of Stephanie Rothenberg

Artist Stephanie Rothenberg consistently highlights the tenuous relationship between the human body and its mediated representation(s) through new computer technologies by creating interactive projects that often borrow their forms from existing “virtual world” programs like Second Life. Rothenberg, who holds … Continue reading

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C. J. Pascoe: Social Literacy and Mediated Authenticity

C.J. Pascoe’s research, like danah boyd’s, frames teens’ usage of digital and new media as developing a critical brand social “literacy” which complicates traditional models of youth affiliation, creativity, and intimacy (Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out, 118). Now … Continue reading

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