Here are some of our recent projects.

Digital Media

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life is a single-player, role-playing game that simulates the everyday world of a high school student


A web-based transmedia game about relationships and sexual histories made up of video, photos, comics, websites, and digital mini-games

Born Brave Chicago

A collection of digital narratives and dramatic stills created by high-school youth, with GCC support, as part of the Born This Way Foundation


An interactive, computer-based narrative with role-playing elements, that explores the responsibility of the bystander in a variety of scenarios.

The Cache

An interactive web-based graphic novel about the emotional dimensions of teen pregnancy

Mobile Games

Mobile Experiments Group

The mobile experiments group is a collective of scholars and designers who are part of the Game Changer Chicago (GCC) Design Lab at the University of Chicago.

Alternate Reality Games

Project S.E.E.D.

S.E.E.D. took the form of an extended game with a unifying narrative, played over three weeks using a variety of activities to solve Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and arts-related challenges.

Play as Inquiry

Play as Inquiry was a one-time alternate reality game that took place on November 1, 2013. The game used transmedia design, social engagement, and improvisational play to enable players to think about theories of play in a hands-on fashion.


A narrative-based and networked alternate reality game about economic disparities and inequitable access to medical services

The Source

A five week alternate reality summer game program played by youth across Chicago. The Source presented investigatory tasks, code-breaking challenges, STEAM-based puzzles, and media production opportunities.

Card/Board Games

Smoke Stacks

Smoke Stacks is a board game designed to educate teenagers about the dangers of smoking and the role of tobacco companies and advertisements in promoting tobacco use among youth.


Hexacago is a suite of board games that explore economical, environmental, and epidemiological issues rooted in the city of Chicago.

inFection Four

A four-player, role-playing card game about the social and emotional effects of sexually transmitted infections.


Wellness Curriculum

A new approach to sexuality education in an 8th grade classroom in which we teach health and wellness through gameplay, theatrical roleplay, wiki participation, and other online formats

Fellowship Projects


In Transit is a multiplayer, tile-laying, and route-building game played on a modified version of the Hexacago game board.

Processing Play

Aims to look at basic mechanics in gameplay to both understand and interpret the effects of existing games, and to be increasingly purposive and intentional in creating new games.

The Doctor Will See You Now

A digital game about LGBTQ healthcare access and spaces of institutional comfort or discomfort in Chicago.

The Black Box

A role-playing game teaching youth AP biology