Melenda Johnson

High School Fellow

mJohnsonMelenda Christine Johnson is a freshman at Noble Johnson College Prep. She is the daughter of Lenda Faye Jones-Johnson and Melvin Garrison Johnson and eldest of six children. Melenda enjoys spending time with her brother and sisters, and particularly enjoys observing her inquisitive two year old twin sisters.

Outside of her family, Melenda enjoys running track, cheerleading, dancing, and being with her friends. Her favorite class is choir and my favorite subject is biology. Her favorite colors are turquoise and pink. Her favorite foods are Chinese and Mexican Cuisine.

Melenda is a very hard worker and she does well on anything she puts her mind to with positivity self confidence. She enjoys going to school and learning new things to build her knowledge. She is always up for the opportunity to expand her intelligence. Melenda plans on attending the University of California in Los Angeles as an undergrad and then the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a postgraduate. Her dream job is to become a Homicide Detective/Police Officer of the city of Chicago. She also strives to be a member of the National Junior Honor Society before her high school career ends.