Ashlyn Sparrow

Lab Director

Ashlyn Sparrow is Game Changer Chicago's Lab Director. a game designer/experience designer with a passion for creating interactive worlds and telling deep and meaningful stories about the human condition. Developing fun gameplay mechanics and blending narrative is what she does best. This comes not only from creating her own games but playing them and thinking critically about them: what went right? What went wrong? How can this be improved? Ashlyn discovered her passion for entertainment technology on her eleventh birthday when her parents bought her a PlayStation and Final Fantasy VIII. The opening cut scene changed her life forever. From that point on, she has been drawing fantasy characters/maps, designing small games, and tinkering around with computers. Continuing these interests, she attended Penn State University where she participated in numerous independent video game projects where she worked as the lead designer. In 2010, she received a bachelors in Information Sciences and Technology with an emphasis in design and development. Ashlyn decided to pursue her graduate studies and was accepted into the Masters of Entertainment Technology Program at Carnegie Mellon University and graduated in 2012. She first joined GCC as a Learning Design Specialist in 2013.