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About A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life is a single-player, role-playing game that situates the player in the everyday world of a high school student. This game uses interactive storytelling and decision-making to work through social and emotional health issues within a larger social, political, and economic context. A Day in the Life encourages dynamic interactions with characters and a world that changes based on player decisions, encounters, and external drivers.

During the day on which the game takes place, the player is a high school student trapped in a time loop. As either Sanome or Saralyn, the player must navigate through the high school and interact with the eccentric characters that inhabit it in order to stop the day from repeating.

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Past and Future Development

A Day in the Life tackles topics such as bullying and sexual violence. Before production, the A Day in the Life team visited high schools on the South Side of Chicago to get stories and inspiration from our target audience. Learn more about our school visits below!

Youth Workshops

A demo of the game will be widely playable soon. The A Day in the Life team will reach out online and in person to high school students to gather feedback to iterate on the game using an agile development methodology.

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