The Source – Week Five

Week 5 of The Source focused on art and storytelling. Through online and in-person activities, players explored and applied the principles of film editing, art curating and

The Source – Week Four

Week 4 of The Source emphasized technology and immigration. This week youth focused on the Technology aspect of STEM, learning about the history of the Internet and

The Source – Week Three

Week 3 of The Source emphasized math, cryptography and preventing youth violence. Adia's father is a very quiet and secretive person, and in the third part of

The Source – Week Two

Week 2 of The Source emphasized science, reproductive health and community. "Adia" introduced students to a second set of puzzles and another letter from her father. Because

The Source – Week One

Last week, Game Changer Chicago launched The Source, a five-week transmedia game for 140 high school students emphasizing STEAM learning and urban issues through the story of

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This is an exciting week for Game Changer Chicago, part of the Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ci3), as

The Source Developer Blog: Day One!

Check out the first post on our developer blog for our summer transmedia game program The Source from co-founder of Game Changer Chicago, Patrick Jagoda.