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Playing With the Truth: When Alternate Reality Gets Real

In Chicago, high school students went searching for an imaginary girl's father. After a while, they started looking for the real one. Click here to

CSOL 2013: The Source

The Source, developed by The University of Chicago, in conjunction with the Chicago Summer of Learning, is a STEM-based alternate reality game that involves investigatory

The Source Developer Blog: Day One!

Check out the first post on our developer blog for our summer transmedia game program The Source from co-founder of Game Changer Chicago, Patrick Jagoda.

Patrick Jagoda and GCC Fellows in “The Project”

"“There is no once upon a time at the beginning of a game,” says Bill Hutchison. The fairy tale reference flows easily from his lips,

Dr. Melissa Gilliam on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry

Our very own Dr. Melissa Gilliam appeared on Melissa Harris-Perry's news program on MSNBC on Saturday, May 11th as part of an expert panel discussing

Lucidity Interview with Patrick Jagoda

"I had the serendipitous opportunity to interview Dr. Patrick Jagoda, a co-founder of the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab, about Game Changer’s newly released game,

Now hiring Mentors for our summer game The Source

We are looking to hire graduate and undergraduate students interested in being a Mentor for a new project for the Chicago Summer of Learning. Mentors

Seeking Youth Fellows

Ci3 is looking for Chicago high school students interested in being Youth Fellows of the new Game Changer Chicago Design Lab. Youth Fellows will be

MacArthur Foundation Grant Supports Game Changer Chicago Design Lab

"The grant will help support the creation of the Design Lab for Game Changer Chicago (GCC), Ci3's signature initiative to investigate how playing and designing

Playtesting Events for Lucidity

  About the event Over the next two weeks, we will be playtesting new versions of the transmedia game Lucidity. Each playtesting session will showcase