Seeking Youth for Game Narrative Workshop 10/12

Game Changer Chicago Design Lab is seeking youth (ages 13-19) for a storytelling/narrative design workshop this Saturday, October 12, from 12:30-3:30pm at 1225 E. 60th St.

The workshop will surround one of Game Changer's upcoming games A Day in the Life: a single-player, role-playing game that simulates the everyday world of a high school student. In order to capture the real high school experience, we are reaching out to youth to share their stories.

Stories from youth will not be used verbatim, but as inspiration for the stories used in the game. Through this workshop, we hope to involve real high school youth in the narrative design process as well as tackle important issues in the game. Workshop participants may receive a credit in the finished game, and may be involved in later steps of the process, such as playtesting.

Light refreshments and bus passes will be provided. We have 3 more slots available for the workshop. Please call Amanda at (773) 834-8170 or email if you are interested and would like to reserve a seat.

When: Saturday October 12, 12:30-3:30pm
Location: 1225 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637

We hope to hear from you!


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