The Source – Week Five

Week 5 of The Source focused on art and storytelling. Through online and in-person activities, players explored and applied the principles of film editing, art curating and storytelling while engaging with social issues.

Read a summary of The Source's conclusion and the future of Game Changer Chicago from co-founders, Drs. Melissa Gilliam and Patrick Jagoda.


On Tuesday, youth played a collaborative storytelling game that encouraged players to "remix" video and audio clips from existing movies, construct digital narratives and create new stories with original characters.


On Wednesday, players embarked on an all-day scavenger hunt at the Art Institute of Chicago! Students learned about art interpretation from a curator before identifying and discussing different artworks throughout the museum. Players engaged art in visual aspects as well as finding recurring themes.


Thursday marked the final player meet-up on The University of Chicago campus. Students employed critical thinking in an interactive computer game, in which they explored narrative-oriented questions and created their own world through descriptions. During this game, actors from The Source joined the participants. Finally, students worked in groups to formulate alternative endings, which they then presented to The Source's main character, "Adia".


Through The Source, youth developed skills in science, technology, engineering, art and math, while using critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. The Source participants worked with Game Changer staff, career professionals, youth mentors and each other to explore important issues such as reproductive health, youth violence and urban planning. Students practiced logic, strategic planning and interdisciplinary communication, while gaining a sense of community and social justice that will serve them in high school and beyond.

"I learned to be creative and think out of the box. You have to think critically and have an imagination."

"I thought differently about whether or not to harshly judge people."

"I know that storytelling builds determination and character."

- The Source participants


Special thanks to the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts at The University of Chicago for providing space and equipment for The Source!


Watch a video of The Source created by the Chicago Summer of Learning.

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The Source was created as part of the Chicago Summer of Learning by Ci3's Game Changer Chicago Design Lab. Program partners include: Museum of Science and Industry, Digital Youth Network, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Neubauer Collegium of The University of Chicago, the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, the Hive Learning Network, Mozilla, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office, and the One Chicago Fund.


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