The Wenner-Gren Foundation


Deadline: November 1 and May 1

Submission Method: Electronic

Current Fellows

Recent Chicago Fellows: None

Competition Level: A maximum of 8 fellowships are awarded annually; the number of applications submitted is not available

Eligibility: Applicants must have received a PhD or equivalent within ten years of the application deadline; preference is given to untenured junior faculty; if a prior Hunt Fellowship was received, all requirements of that fellowship must be completed. There is no citizenship requirement.

Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships support the writing-up of completed research. The fellowship is awarded to scholars in the earlier stages of their careers, when they frequently lack the time and resources to develop their research for publication. The fellowships support research that demonstrates a clear link to anthropological theory and debates and promises to make a solid contribution to advancing these ideas.  There is no preference for any methodology, research location, or subfield.

A maximum of $40,000 is available. Applicants requesting shorter time periods would receive a pro-rated award as appropriate (e.g., a six-month project would be awarded $20,000).

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