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Chicago Arts Council Grants


  • UChicagoArts Grants and Curriculum Innovation Grants: early November, early February, and late April; check Website for specific dates
  • Course Arts Resource Fund Grants: None

Submission Method (All): Electronic

Past Grantees:

Competition Level: Seven grants were awarded in the 2008/09 competition for UChicagoArts Grants; the number of applications submitted is not available. No grants were made through the Curriculum Innovation Grants program (four were made in 2007/08); the number of applications submitted is not available. No grants were awarded through the Course Arts Resource Fund (twelve were awarded in 2007/08); again, the number of applications submitted is not available.


  • UChicagoArts Grants: All faculty, departments or centers, registered student organizations, campus cultural institutions, and other organizations involved in campus life are eligible.
  • Curriculum Innovation Grants: All individual or groups of faculty and full-time lecturers who wish to develop new undergraduate or graduate courses in the arts and/or to revise and renew existing arts courses are eligible.
  • Course Arts Resource Fund: All instructors are eligible

To encourage arts activities on campus and the enrichment of the University community’s cultural life, the Arts Planning Council sponsors three grant programs for faculty:

  • UChicagoArts Grants, which range from $1,500 to $10,000 and support substantial, collaborative public projects;
  • Curricular Innovation Grants, which range from $2,000 to $5,000 and are intended for the development, enhancement, or renewal of arts courses; and
  • Course Arts Resource Fund Grants, which provide up to $500 for the integration of arts into courses.

Preference for UChicagoArts Grants is given to projects that demonstrate: innovation;  collaboration, whether with groups on or off campus; student participation; and partial support from other sources.

Curricular Innovation Grants seek to encourage: creation of cross–divisional and cross-departmental courses; intra-departmental courses that stretch the usual boundaries; and projects that combine rigorous scholarly and theoretical approaches with creative and performative practice and study. These grants can be used to support a variety of activities, such as:

  • hiring a research assistant to help prepare the course
  • funding a workshop to design a new course (or revise an old one)
  • creating a course web site
  • hiring performers/artists
  • purchasing materials related to the course (software, slides, recordings, videos, and other arts-related materials and equipment)

Course Arts Resource Fund Grants help to defray costs related to arts activities such as: inviting a visiting artist to class; organizing a class visit to a performance or exhibition; or providing arts materials for classroom use (recordings, videos, web page designs for arts materials, etc.). In an effort to extend the reach of the arts on campus, the Council particularly encourages requests from instructors who may not routinely integrate the arts into their courses.

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