Villa I Tatti


Deadline: October 15 (receipt)

Submission Method: Electronic or Mail

Current Fellows

Recent Chicago Fellows: Robert Nelson, Art History (03/04)

Competition Level: 15 fellowships are awarded annually; the number of applications submitted is not available

Eligibility: The Villa I Tatti Fellowship is meant for a scholar who is within ten years of receiving his doctorate; renewals or repeats of an I Tatti Fellowship are not granted.

Villa I Tatti Fellows are expected to be in residence in Florence, Italy from early September till June and to participate actively in the life of the center for the full period of their fellowship. Each Fellow is offered a place to study, use of the Biblioteca and Fototeca Berenson, lunches on weekdays, and various other privileges, but he or she must arrange his or her own living accommodations. Stipends will be awarded according to individual needs, and a projected budget is requested from successful candidates at a later stage. Stipends generally do not exceed the $55,000 – $60,000 range.

Projects do not have to be devoted to Florentine subjects and often are not, but they must include the Italian Renaissance, and it must be possible for the greater part of the project to be accomplished in Florence.

These fellowships are offered by the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies.

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