Stanford Humanities Center


Deadline: October 15

Submission Method: Electronic

Current Fellows

Recent Chicago Fellows: None

Competition Level: 6-9 fellowships are awarded annually; approximately 250 applications are received annually (a record number of applications was received for 2009/10)

Eligibility: Applicants must have a PhD and normally will be at least three years beyond receipt of the degree at the start of the fellowship year (i.e., will have received the PhD in or before September 2007 for the 2010/11 fellowship); creative arts projects and former external fellows are not eligible, but one fellowship for an arts practitioner/writer is offered at a separate deadline (see below).

This fellowship is awarded to support research projects in the humanities. The Center seeks candidates whose research is likely to contribute to intellectual exchange among a diverse group of scholars within the disciplines of the humanities. One fellowship is awarded each year to a scholar working in the digital humanities.

Fellowships are awarded across the spectrum of academic ranks (assistant, associate, and full professor). Junior fellowships are for scholars who will be at least three and no more than ten years beyond receipt of the Ph.D. by the start of their prospective fellowship year. Senior fellowships are for established scholars who are more than ten years beyond receipt of the PhD.

Fellows are in residence at Stanford University for the academic year. They are awarded stipends of up to $60,000 and a housing and moving allowance of up to $15,000, dependent upon need. Fellows are required to live within a ten-mile radius of Stanford, to attend lunch regularly (at least 4 days a week), and to participate in the research presentations.

The Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts (SiCa) and the Humanities Center offer one residential fellowship for a practitioner who is also a writer, scholar, or critic pursuing a research project in the arts. The deadline is December 1, 2009, and the applicant must have received a relevant terminal degree (usually MFA or PhD) in or before September 2007; everything else is the same.

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