Institute for Advanced Study, School of Social Science


Deadline: November 1

Submission Method: Electronic

Current Fellows

Recent Chicago Fellows: Danielle Allen, Classics & former Hum Dean, is now a faculty member; Julie E. Cooper, Political Science (09/10); Lisa Weeden, Political Science (06/07)

Competition Level: 22 fellowships were awarded in 2009/10; the number of applications submitted is not available

Eligibility: Former members are not eligible.

Fellows at the Institute’s School of Social Science in Princeton, NJ are in residence for an academic year.  Visiting scholars are drawn from a wide range of fields including political science, economics, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, and literary criticism.

In an attempt to create a sense of community among the Members, the School designates a theme for each year. The theme for 2010/11 is “Secularism.” The thematic focus is neither an exclusive nor excluding theme; however, it is expected that only one-third of the accepted scholars will pursue work relating directly to the theme. Applications are strongly encouraged from scholars across the social science spectrum, regardless if their research corresponds to the year’s theme.

Membership stipends vary.

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