Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies


Deadline: November 1

Submission Method: Electronic

Current Fellows

Recent Chicago Fellows: Verity Platt, Art History (09/10); Christopher Faraone, Classics (08/09); Persis Berlekamp, Art History (07/08); Maria Fusaro, History (02/03)

Competition Level: 40 fellowships are awarded annually; the number of applications submitted is not available

Eligibility: Substantial record of publication; the School takes into account the stage of the scholar’s academic career when considering the list of publications, but in general applicants should have at least several articles already published.

Fellows at the Institute’s School of Historical Studies are in residence for either one term (first term Sept. 21 to Dec. 18, second term Jan. 4 to April 2) or for two terms, amounting to a full academic year.  It supports scholarship in all fields of historical research but is concerned principally with the history of western, near eastern, and far eastern civilizations, with particular emphasis on Greek and Roman civilization, the history of Europe (medieval, early modern, and modern), the Islamic world, East Asian studies, the history of art, the history of science, and modern international relations.

Stipends of up to $65,000 are awarded for the full academic year, or $32,750 for one term.

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