FORUM Speakers

Michel Hockx

Michel Hockx is professor of Chinese at SOAS, University of London and founding director of the SOAS China Institute. He studied Chinese language and literature at Leiden university in The Netherlands and at Liaoning and Peking universities in China. He has published widely on modern Chinese literary communities, their publications, and their social practices. He has also worked on modern Chinese poetry. His most recent monograph Internet Literature in China came out in 2015 with Columbia University Press.


Keith Howard

Professor Keith Howard is Professor of Music at SOAS, University of London. He was formerly Professor and Associate Dean at the University of Sydney, and has held visiting professorships at Monash University, Ewha Womans University and Hanguk University of Foreign Studies. He has written or edited 19 books, including Music as Intangible Cultural Heritage: Policy, Ideology and Practice in the Preservation of East Asian Traditions (2012), Singing the Kyrgyz Manas (with Saparbek Kasmambetov, 2011), Korean Kayagum Sanjo: A Traditional Instrumental Genre (with Chaesuk Lee and Nicholas Casswell, 2008), Zimbabwean Mbira Music on an International Stage (with Chartwell Dutiro, 2007), Creating Korean Music: Composition and the Discourse of National Identity (2006), Preserving Korean Music: Intangible Cultural Properties as Icons of Identity (2006), and Korean Pop Music: Riding the Wave (2006).  Over the last 30 years, he has also published more than 150 academic articles and 150 book/music reviews, as well as writing for many newspapers and journals including The Times, The Telegraph, Times Education Supplement, Korea Herald, Korea Times, Readers Digest, Koreana, Morning Calm and more. He has been a regular broadcaster on Korean affairs for BBC, ITV, Sky, NBC and others. He is editorial chair for the SOAS Musicology Series (Ashgate) and sits on a number of other editorial and advisory boards. He founded and managed the SOASIS CD and DVD series as well as OpenAir Radio.

Thomas Lamarre

Thomas Lamarre is a James McGill Professor in East Asian Studies and Associate in Communications Studies at McGill University. He is author of books dealing with the history of media, thought, and material culture, with projects ranging from the communication networks of 9th century Japan (Uncovering Heian Japan: An Archaeology of Sensation and Inscription, 2000), to silent cinema and the global imaginary (Shadows on the Screen: Tanizaki Jun’ichirô on Cinema and Oriental Aesthetics, 2005) and animation technologies (The Anime Machine: A Media Theory of Animation, 2009). His upcoming book is Screen Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation, and New Media. He has also edited volumes concerning the impact of modernity in East Asia, on pre-emptive war, and, as Associate Editor of Mechademia: An Annual Forum for Anime, Manga, and the Fan Arts, volumes on manga, anime, and fan cultures. He is a participant in a Canadian Foundation Innovation grant to construct at Moving Image Research Laboratory.

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