Simon Fink:

Beach Music

October 23-November 14, 2009

Beach Music
An interactive environment by Simon Fink
with video by Rebecca Foley
Realized with support from DOVA Temporary and the University of Chicago
Computer Music Studio

Take a walk on a secluded beach and you might notice some small, immediate
effects of your presence on the natural environment – your footprints in the sand, which
the wind and water soon erase. Added together with the similar outings of hundreds or
thousands of visitors to the beach over an extended period of time, however, the traffic
could eventually transform the landscape into something very different. Beach Music
uses audio and video footage from the South Carolina coast, along with motion-detecting
sensors processed through a computer, to explore issues related to one’s interaction with
an environment. A person’s movement through the gallery space results in both
immediate, fleeting effects on the sound, as well as major long-term changes that
accumulate over the course of the three-week installation.