On Another Note:

Extractions from the Chicago Jazz Archive With a Little Room for Jiggin’

September 26 – October 17, 2009

See a write-up on the exhibition by the Chicago Weekly here.

In partnership with the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, University of Chicago Library’s
Chicago Jazz Archive and the Department of Visual Art, this exhibition will
explore the jazz traditions of Chicago’s decadent 1920’s through the complex
lenses of race and gender and the people who made the industry. DJ’s, singers,
jazz ensembles and soul bands from throughout the city will be given an
opportunity to look at original scores from the collection, using them as a
platform, adding new vigor to ragtime cuts, blues tunes and early straight ahead
jazz. Throughout this month-long exhibition, U of C lecturer and artist Theaster
Gates will unpack the deep and delicate connections between jazz, the Social
Sciences, Economics and Ethnomusicology, making available letters, ledgers and
other forms of jazz business paraphernalia over the course of the show. With
live performances each Friday after work and listening parties throughout the
week, the DOVA temporary space will be transformed into a modern day
Speakeasy! Please join us.

Curated by Theaster Gates

Performances each Friday 6-7:30pm