Session 2

Making Sense of Literary History: the dense associative web of Orlando [Abstract]

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Stéfan Sinclair
Associate Professor
Communication Studies & Multimedia
McMaster University

Milena Radzikowska
Instructor, Electronic Publishing
Centre for Communication Studies
Mount Royal College

Stan Ruecker
Assistant Professor
Humanities Computing Program and Department of English & Film Studies
University of Alberta

An Investigation of the Community Structures within Social Networks of the Gospels [Abstract]

Maki Miyake
Osaka University

The WikiPhil Portal: Visualizing Meaningful Philosophical Connections [Abstract]

Sofia J. Athenikos, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Candidate, College of Information Science and Technology
Drexel University

Please Note: All names listed above are of presenters at the colloquium. For a full list of authors, please see the individual paper abstracts.

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