Session 1

A Study of Parody: Literary Criticism and Machine Learning [Abstract]

Brad Pasanek
Assistant Professor
English Department
University of Virginia

D. Sculley, Ph.D.
Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

Authorship Attribution, Similarity, and Noncommutative Divergence Measures [Abstract]

Mike Ryan
Undergraduate student, Department of Computer Science
Duquesne University

Patrick Juola
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Duquesne University

Dozens of Little Radio Stations: Getting Technologies Talking in the MONK Workbench [Abstract]

Stan Ruecker
Assistant Professor
Humanities Computing Program and Department of English & Film Studies
University of Alberta

Milena Radzikowska
Instructor, Electronic Publishing
Centre for Communication Studies
Mount Royal College

Alejandro Giacometti
MA Candidate, Humanities Computing Program
University of Alberta

Please Note: All names listed above are of presenters at the colloquium. For a full list of authors, please see the individual paper abstracts.