Paper Panels

Paper presentations are limited to 20 minutes each (three per panel), with 10 minutes set aside for questions after each paper. Following DHCS tradition, there are no parallel panel sessions at the colloquium.

Session 1 (Discovering Provocative Patterns with Text Mining)
Moderator: Mark Olsen
Brad Pasanek, Patrick Juola, Stan Ruecker

Session 2 (Visualizing Textual and Social Networks)
Moderator: Martin Mueller
Stéfan Sinclair, Maki Miyake, Sofia Athenikos

Session 3 (The Art of Making Sense: Simulations and Visualizations)
Moderator: Arno Bosse
Scott Branting, Daniel Sauter, Paul Conway

Session 4 (Sense, Class and Variation in Digital Textuality)
Moderator: Shlomo Argamon
Ron Zacharski, Beata Klebanov, Peter Robinson