Online Registration

Online registration for DHCS 2008 has closed.

If you wish to attend and were not able to register, please contact the conference organizers with your name, institutional affiliation and days you would plan to attend (including whether you are coming to the Sunday evening banquet and keynote). We will attempt to accommodate your request.

A word to all participants:

This year’s DHCS includes Saturday afternoon pre-colloquium sessions set aside for informal, participant led meetings, workshops and “birds-of-a-feather” gatherings where colloquium participants can get together to discuss topics of common interest.

In order to facilitate these meetings and to allow everyone to see in advance who will be at the colloquium as well as their professional interests, we will create a brief entry on the 2008 DHCS blog for each participant that includes your name, institutional affiliation, field(s) of interest (tagged using post categories) and any additional information about yourself and your work you wish to share. This information will be gathered in the online registration form below.

It is our hope that everyone already confirmed or thinking of attending DHCS will peruse these entries as the colloquium approaches and use them to make connections with other participants that will plant the seeds for interesting and engaging pre-colloquium discussions.

N.B. Additionally, please remember that if you’d like to attend the Sunday night banquet and keynote, we’re asking for a $20 contribution toward our costs for food and drink for this event.