Jo Guldi
PhD / Mellon Postdoc in Digital History
University of Chicago

Howdy! I’m the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital History within Chicago’s History Department, where I’m teaching new methodologies in information sorting and the history of information revolutions since Gutenberg. As a scholar, I’m writing about the history of the infrastructure state in Britain as it reengineered the relationship between state, market, and everyday life.

I’ve been blogging for upwards of five years now, and I’ve used web 2.0 technologies as an activist before using them to connect interdisciplinary scholars interested in the emerging field of Landscape Studies. I’m broadly interesting in text and visual analysis and promoting new strategies for academic publishing using Web 2.0 technologies. I’m excited about meeting other folks and learning! Say hi!

Fields of interest: Text Analysis , Imaging/Visualization, GIS/Mapping, Libraries/Digital Archives

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