Bob Taylor
Academic & Research Technologies
Northwestern University

I’m director of the academic computing organization at Northwestern University. Software developers in Academic & Research Technologies have tackled interesting work in the areas of audio archives (NSF Digital LIbraries in the Classroom program), high-resolution image viewers, text analysis frameworks (WordHoard, MONK in-progress), cultural heritage digitization projects (high-resolution sculpture and mural efforts in Dunhuang and Xian, China), on-line book and manuscript presentation models (Vesalius project, The Encyclopedia of Chicago), and repository interoperability issues.

One of the areas of research computing investigation this fall at NU is development and planning for science hubs: services and software for supporting the work of on-line, “virtual organizations” of large scale, multi-university research teams on NSF, NIH or NASA projects. I’m interested in eventually understanding whether the cyberinfrastructure work that is being done for distributed research teams on large-scale science projects will hold any value for the smaller-scale “craft” traditions (and usually, one-off tools) that have often characterized digital humanities efforts.

Fields of interest: Text Analysis , Imaging/Visualization, GIS/Mapping, Libraries/Digital Archives, Mobile Devices, Modelling/Simulations, Collaborative Technologies

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