Update: Materials for the Getty Hexameters conference are now available.

Text Symposia and Publications

The Center organizes, from time to time, small online collaborative projects designed to produce texts and commentaries on short ancient religious texts. These projects usually begin with a one-day symposium directed to the close reading and discussion of new or under-studied texts. The ultimate goal of these projects is to produce a collaborative commentary and individual essays on these texts.

We have organized one such project on the Hymns of Isidorus, a series of four Greek hymns inscribed at the entrance to an Egyptian Temple at Medinat Habu in the Fayum.  The initial symposium will be held on April 9 in Ann Arbor, MI (as part of the annual meeting of the Midwestern Consortium) and it will include egyptologists, classicists, historians and archaeologists.

Database Projects

Our goal is to subsidize the creation of on-line study collections of hitherto scattered documents or artifacts concerned with ancient religions. One possible project (with partners in Budapest and Fribourg) would be an online corpus of the so-called “magical gemstones”, amulets that include an odd combination of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Jewish names and iconography.

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