Ancient Myth in Private Lives

October 29–30, 2010 — Classics 21 / Co-sponsored by the Ancient Societies Workshop

Friday, October 29

1:15–1:30 / Introduction

Emanuel Mayer (Chicago)

1:30–2:15 / Keynote Address

Paul Zanker (Pisa)
“Putting the Deceased into the Picture: ‘Pictorial Devices’ on Mythological Sarcophagi”

2:30–4:00 / Session 1

Session chair: Jonathan Hall (Chicago)

Thomas Carpenter (Ohio U.)
“Greek Myth on the Apulian Vases from a Non-Greek Tomb in Ruvo di Puglia”

Patricia Rosenmeyer (Madison)
“A Homeric Hero in Roman Egypt: Mythic Voice(s) in the Graffiti and Epigrams on the Memnon Colossus in Egyptian Thebes”

4:15–5:45 / Session 2

Session chair: Cliff Ando (Chicago)

Francesco De Angelis (Columbia)
“Loving Children and the Power of Women: Greek Myths on Etruscan Mirrors”

Janet Downie (Princeton)
“Philostratus’ Heroicus: Homeric Myths in a Roman Landscape”

5:45–6:30 / Roundtable and Discussion

Saturday, October 30

9:30–11:00 / Session 3

Session chair: Bruce Lincoln (Chicago)

Björn Ewald (Toronto)
“Myth and Fantasy in Roman Art”

Froma Zeitlin (Princeton)
“Myth, Portrait, and Identity in Heliodorus’ Aithiopika

11:15–12:45 / Session 4

Christopher A. Faraone (Chicago)
“Herculean Labors on Private Amulets”

Emanuel Mayer (Chicago)
“From Silvercups to Garden Gnomes: Making Sense of Roman Domestic Art”

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