The Chicago Center for the Study of Ancient Religion (CSAR) coordinates teaching and organizes major research projects at the University of Chicago and beyond. Its work rests upon the fundamental historical importance of religion in organizing and rendering intelligible virtually all aspects of individual and communal experience in ancient cultures. In giving expression to Chicago’s strengths in this field, the Center stakes a new and emphatic claim to the University of Chicago’s centrality in the study of the pre-modern world.

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Conference on Ancient Myth in Private Lives. October 29–30, 2010.

Conference on Imagined Beginnings: The Poetics and Politics of Cosmogony, Theogony and Anthropogony in the Ancient World. April 8–10, 2011. The Franke Institute for the Humanities.

Lectures by CSAR Visiting Scholar Joachim Friedrich Quack (University of Heidelberg):
Monday, January 9, “New Demotic Egyptian Magical Papyri from the Florence Collection.”
Tuesday, January 10, “New Sources for Imhotep and his Veneration.”

The Tenth Meeting of the Midwestern Consortium on Ancient Religions‘The Stuff that Dreams are Made of’: The Interpretation, Divination, and Use of Dreams in Ancient Mediterranean Religions. February 24–29. Department of Classics at The Ohio State University.

Conference on Religion, Cosmology and Empire in Sasanian Iran. February 24, 2012, 1:30–5:30. Classics 21.

Lectures by CSAR Visiting Scholar Peter Struck (University of Pennsylvania):

Monday, February 27, 4:30pm. “Divine Signs and Human Nature: A Cognitive History of Divination in Antiquity.”
Wednesday, February 29, 3:30pm. “Lucky People and the Demonic Tillerman: Aristotle on Divination.” [please note the time change to 3:30pm]

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