About Colloquium

Colloquium brings attention to the excellent, wide-ranging work produced by students, alumni, and friends of MAPH at University of Chicago, both on-campus and further afield. Colloquium showcases critical and academic work, fiction, poetry, visual art, video interviews, and other forms.


Colloquium was founded in 2012 by seven alumni of the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities at University of Chicago. It is run entirely by alumni, with current students serving as editorial fellows.

Editor-in-chief: Bill Hutchison   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13*

Jessi Haley   MAPH ’13, MAPH Mentor ’14
Ian Hickox   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13*
Liz John   MAPH ’12*
Joy Miller   MAPH ’12*
Chaz Oreshkov   MAPH ’12*
Sarah Smith   MAPH ’11
Matt Stone   MAPH ’14, MAPH Mentor ’15

Ed Fellows

Clancey D’Isa
Noor Shawaf
Jess Hannah
Morgan Podraza

*Founding Editors


Colloquium welcomes submissions on an ongoing basis. The deadline for consideration for Issue 6 is March 1, 2015.

Contributors should have some relation to the MAPH program, whether as a student, alumnus, preceptor, or faculty member (past or present). We cannot accept submissions from current MAPH mentors or contributors whose work has appeared in the past three issues.


For text submissions, send well-written, thoughtful and polished pieces. Academic articles should be conference paper-length or shorter. Most other submissions should be under 7,500 words, probably significantly. Look at the variety of articles we have published; we want to continue to include a diverse body of work.

Please submit both a pdf and a Word document of all text submissions. The document name should include the author’s surname and the title of the piece. Please also include a brief bio that indicates your relationship to MAPH. If you are submitting visual or auditory work, it can be attached to an email, or you can supply us with a link.

Submit pitches or completed pieces to colloquium [at] uchicago [dot] edu. Please include the issue number, your name, and the word “Submission” in the subject line.