Editor’s Note – 4.2

LETTER from the Editors

Dear Readers,

A huge thanks to the MAPH Staff, whose enduring support makes this journal possible. Thank you also to our 2016 Editorial Fellows, Tath Haver, Molly Bauer and Meghan Angelos, and to our editors from afar, Jess Hannah, Michael Long, Morgan Podraza and Matt Stone. Your patience (and your presumed patience Dear Reader) is much appreciated on this long awaited issue. 

Though seemingly disparate in their subject matter and form, Issue 7’s pieces, in part, respond to the question of what an archive can do. Each piece documents distinctly different temporal, geographic and emotional moments. Poems by Anna Mirzayan and Gregory Lawless, as well the mixed media set by Robert Bolton, play with images real and imagined to record both the everyday and the not-so-everyday. Stefano Cagnato’s photography explores issues of time and recognition, and the relationship between photographer and photographed. Molly Bauer’s interview with Trevor Cunnien and Nic Holt archives individual perspectives on the communal potential of underground techno, while Emma Brush’s essay delves deep into the gendered history of the alienating modern world by exploring the material as presented in Rebecca West’s historically significant short story “Indissoluble Matrimony.” Ben Stolurow’s review of Paul McCarthy’s drawings for White Snow, which were hosted at the University of Chicago Renaissance Society from September 2015- January 2016, draws attention to McCarthy’s reimagining of Disney’s 1937 classic, Snow White. And finally, Zac Breckenridge’s essay documents the correlations between time and belonging, both material and spatial. Together, these pieces invite readers to be part of a larger conversation about the forms of recounting and remembering. 

We hope you feel both welcomed and intrigued to explore further. 

Your editors, 

Clancey D’Isa and Annie Williams

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