MAPH Thesis Awards 2015—Editors’ Note

LETTER from the Editors


Welcome to the MAPH Thesis Awards 2015!
Every year, Colloquium asks the previous year’s preceptors to send us what they consider their strongest thesis project from their precept groups. The editorial board, composed of alumni and current-student volunteers, then chooses several theses which it feels exemplify the thoughtful research and writing which characterizes MAPH students and their projects. These theses are then published online in their entirety.
This year, we have three fascinating theses which move forward large questions pertinent to humanistic investigation: how does the contemporary desire for humanistic error figure in with the technological perfection of digital effects? How does the complex authorial web that surrounds the production of blockbuster franchises negotiate different authorial voices? And, how does linguistic ambiguity—even when aided by semantic content—complicate language acquisition? This year’s selection is as academically-diverse as it is theoretically-rich, but most importantly, each is a stellar example of the kind of work that can be achieved in the rigorous MAPH thesis process.
We hope you enjoy the selections as much as we did!



The Colloquium Editorial Board

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