Editor’s Note—4.1

LETTER From the Editors

This issue marks a change in our magazine, one which will slowly unfold before you, Dear Reader, like a digital chrysalis pixellating into a 64-bit butterfly. That is to say, changes are afoot in our personnel which will herald new and wondrous days ahead for our magazine.

After this issue, yours truly will step down from the magazine and turn the reins over to three very talented humans. Clancey D’Isa, Jess Hannah, and Noor Shawaf—each beloved by Colloquium—will lead the magazine beginning with Issue 7 (4.2). A more brilliant and creative trio I cannot imagine. The editorial board is grateful for their leadership, and eager to see what the next iteration of the magazine brings.

As for this issue, it’s a stunner. Three video pieces grace our electronic pages, including our first piece on breakdancing and philosophy, in which there is a lot of breakdancing. Fans of Westerns who have been waiting for another piece of cogent criticism since Matt Hauske’s bit o’ brilliance will be delighted to find some cowboy capitalism in this issue. Comics and podcasts fall under our observant eye, and two very different pieces of fiction appear. The lyrically minded will find three poets at work in this issue, and a veteran of our pages returns to both us and the Texas flatlands.

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside so many vibrant minds in bringing you this magazine over the last three years. Thank you for reading Colloquium, and for god’s sake, don’t stop now. The best is still to come.



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Bill Hutchison

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