Editors’ Note—2.1

LETTER from the Editors


Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue 2.1.

It’s an unlikely anthology, this second issue of Colloquium, and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Critical works on the Bauhaus and political philosophy run headlong into sitar and experimental piano compositions. Three poets, each voice differing wildly from the last, offer an entirely different sort of music. Pulp fiction and the Italian avante-garde share the same room with a golden calf and an existential cat. Photographs of a hidden and rarely-seen Chicago live alongside collaborations designed to reveal the humanities outside the academy. Spectroscopes and spectres haunt the same hallways as notions about how to make work an art.

You’ll notice that, unlike our first issue, this second installment has no stated theme. It was an intentional decision on our part to invite a broader range of work. We will continue to encourage submissions that exemplify what we consider to be the best kind of humanistic work. At the same time, we want to encourage readers to come up with ways that this work shares a common investment in humanistic thought.

And now, Gentle Reader, the issue rests in your hands. Read the articles, listen to the music, look at the photographs. And when you’re done, get in touch. Write us a letter. Share your ideas. Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t. Submit your own work and in the spirit of the meaning of colloquium, “speak together” with us. Email us at colloquium [at] uchicago [dot] edu.

And of course, we hope you’ll stick around for the third issue.

Happy reading,
The Colloquium Editorial Board


Senior Editors

A-J Aronstein   MAPH ’10, MAPH Mentor ’11,’12
Ian Hickox   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13
Bill Hutchison   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13
Liz John   MAPH ’12
Chrissy McKeon   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13
Joy Miller   MAPH ’12
Chaz Oreshkov   MAPH ’12

Assistant Editors

Amanda Allen MAPH ’13
Josh Johnson MAPH ’13
Greg Langen MAPH ’13
Ariana Nash MAPH ’13

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