Editors’ Note—1.1: “Chicago”

WELCOME from the Editors

Dear Reader,

The rich intellectual, cultural, and creative work of MAPH students and alumni has long deserved a public forum. With Colloquium, we are now able to bring attention to the excellent, wide-ranging work produced by MAPH past and present. By publishing as a digital magazine, Colloquium can showcase not only critical and academic work, fiction, and poetry, but visual art, video, spoken word and music, and other forms.

This first issue—organized around the theme “Chicago”—features critical, innovative work by our inaugural contributors and puts on display the remarkable depth and diversity of the people who make up the MAPH community. We embarked on this project in the spirit shared by all who come through MAPH, and by so many who have come to Chicago: one of adventure, curiosity, and hope.

We invite you to join us, as readers and contributors. That is, after all, at the heart of our name—colloquium, from the Latin for “speaking together.” It was speaking together during our time in MAPH that inspired this magazine, and by speaking together, Colloquium will continue. We invite you to email us at colloquium [at] uchicago [dot] edu.

For their work in making this first issue happen, we owe special thanks to Maren Robinson, Sarah Smith, and Hilary Strang: champions of the humanities.

Happy reading,
The Colloquium Editorial Board

A-J Aronstein   MAPH ’10, MAPH Mentor ’11,’12
Ian Hickox   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13
Bill Hutchison   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13
Liz John   MAPH ’12
Chrissy McKeon   MAPH ’12, MAPH Mentor ’13
Joy Miller   MAPH ’12
Chaz Oreshkov   MAPH ’12


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