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Maps Mania: New uses for maps in language classrooms

If you’ve ever taken a language class, chances are there was a map of the language’s “home country” on the wall. This map was useful when talking about a specific region, but otherwise it was just a picture on the wall 99% of the time. These days are–or should be–over. Maps Mania is a HUGE […]

Corpus Methods in Linguistics and Language Pedagogy

The CSL is happy to announce that we will host a masterclass in corpus linguistics during UofC’s Spring Break week, Wed-Sun, March 26-30, 2008. Full information and application information may be found at the CMLLP-2008 website at: forms are available for download here. The workshop will cover corpus methods in linguistic research and the […]

Edward Tufte Workshop

I attended a workshop by Edward Tufte a few weeks ago and found it quite interesting. There’s lots of information available at his website: