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LFLFC Revisited

March 6, 2013 @ 1:30 PM in C 210 (2nd Floor Cobb)   Michael Berger will review ways to use the Berkeley Language Center’s Library of Foreign Language Film Clips: from registering and logging on, to searching, and choosing clips to distribute to your students.   Refreshments

More basics on copyright, fair use, TEACH act, and digitization

The Fair Use Policy defines what is and is not legal at a university under copy write laws. The Teach Act gives some more leeway to the above, for classroom use. The Digital Millennium Act applies to items that are digitized and accessible online:

Introduction to Copyright for Language courses

The Yale Center for Language Study has prepared a primer on copyright issues for language courses. It was developed by Howard Barnaby, a copyright lawyer now on the staff of the Yale Center for Language Study, in consultation with the Yale General Counsel’s Office. This is being passed around and referred to quite often. See […]